What is the seating capacity of the new Worship & Arts Center?

The full seating capacity of the Worship & Arts Center is approximately 1,100. The design also allows for sections to be closed off, allowing smaller events to be more intimate.

Will the stage of the Worship & Arts Center be designed for performing arts?

Yes, it will be designed specifically for worship services, dramas, musical presentations, Christian movies, and similar events.

Will the Worship & Arts Center be rented out for revenue?

Yes.  The Arts Center will be available for rent to prescreened performances that fit the church’s model.

When will construction begin and when will it conclude?

Construction is scheduled to begin in June 2020 and conclude in December 2021.

What will happen with parking during the construction phase? Will a shuttle be available to help those who need it?

Parking will be relatively unaffected during construction though minimal spaces will be lost in the main parking lot due to the construction. The Washington Street lot will remain open and the Richardson Street garage, which has 600 spaces, will continue to be available on the weekends for free parking. We are looking into a solution to provide a shuttle from the Washington Street lot, but we will not be able to run a shuttle in the Richardson Street garage due to city regulations. Other than these minor issues, church activities will continue as normal.

What will happen regarding gym use during construction?

This plan is currently being evaluated, but will most likely involve hosting practices and games at other local church gyms as has been done in the past by other churches when they were experiencing construction.

What is the projected increase of the operating costs?

Due to the inefficiency of the current Symmes-Wilson building, and the greater efficiency of systems in the new facilities, there should not be a noticeable increase in operating costs for the new facilities, even though it is a substantially larger space.

Will there be easy access for seniors to their new classrooms, especially those in wheelchairs and those who use walkers?

Though details have not been completed yet, the plan is to increase accessibility for those that need it, by the addition of another elevator and larger classrooms with more accessibility to the worship spaces. Handicapped members can be dropped off at the new entrance on Washington Street purposely located close to the Sanctuary and Worship & Arts Center.  Handicapped parking will be provided at the “secondary entrance” from the church’s main parking lot into the lower level where elevator service is immediately available.

Will there be comfortable spaces for small groups to meet?

There will be a number of spaces available in either a formal or informal arrangement for small groups to meet.

Will there be a separate financial campaign for Transforming the Heart of the City or will it be part of the church’s annual budget/stewardship campaign?

There will be a separate financial campaign for Transforming the Heart of the City. Pledging toward the campaign will begin March 17, 2019 and conclude April 28, 2019.

Why do we need a Worship & Arts Center?

The Worship & Arts Center will increase seating for the Ignite Worship Service and our growing discipleship ministries, and enable us to have a spiritual impact on our city by providing a performance venue to attract the Greenville Arts Community for dramas, musical presentations, Christian movies, and other events.

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